Spirited Conversation

Straight Talk. Served Neat.

The concept

Spirited Conversation features a variety of media related to showing the commonality between great companies and great spirits. Each relies on the right ingredients and methods to create a quality product, service, and ultimately experience, that fuels success.

What INsPIRED Spirited Conversation?

Spirited Conversation was created by Tony Deblauwe out of his passion for storytelling, business leadership, and the process of crafting exceptional spirits. His interest in the drive, vision, and dedication to create something great is present in all three of these worlds.  

Join Tony as he shares a hearty libation with several prominent leaders as well as those in the spirits industry. You’ll learn not only how they got into the business, what it takes to keep an organization strong, but how the right story empowers people to do their best. At the same time, we will feature a spirit and learn the rich history of the distiller and the pride and craftsmanship behind the pour.

Great spirits and great companies share a common bond

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Tony is the host and Chief Libation Officer behind Spirited Conversation. Prior to starting Spirited Tony's background spans over 15 years working in Organization Development and Human Resources for a variety of Silicon Valley tech companies. He has implemented numerous programs to help companies, attract, retain, and showcase talent at all levels and brings his collaborative and warm style to his interviews for the site.

In addition to his corporate work, Tony is the awarding-winning author of Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work and the Twitter-style book on handling above-level communications called Managing Up: 140 Tips to Building an Effective Relationship with Your Boss. He has been quoted in several media sources including TheLadders.com, Monster.com, CBS Moneywatch, Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post.


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