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Power to the Fans with LegionM

Following up from the fantastic 2016 Silicon Valley Comicon is a conversation I had with LegionM founders Paul Scanlon (CEO) and Jeff Annison (President). Both were brimming with energy at the launch of this groundbreaking equity crowdsourcing project. The goal is to allow fans the opportunity to lock in with micro-investments and help build content fans want. It is disruption at its finest and a shot in the arm for a struggling Hollywood that often misses the mark or blocks what fans want (think the recent Deadpool movie that sat on a shelf for a decade).

LegionM is looking to get one million (hence the M) fans as potential investors with an average equity stake of about $200. With those numbers you have the foundation for an incredible presence to generate films, books, video games, and a host of creative content that can be voted on and approved by fans. That translates into huge crowd anticipation, social engagement, and ultimately ROI on projects people want to see not what is forced upon them.

I shot a brief video of Paul giving an elevator pitch about the project. 

To sign up as one of the million fans looking to revolutionize Hollywood through the fans, sign up at http://joinlegionm.com/reserve-a-spot/

You can also visit them on:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/legionmofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thelegionm

Power to the Fans!