Spirited Conversation

Straight Talk. Served Neat.

History in a Glass: A Spirited Conversation with AJ Hochhalter, Producer of Neat: The Story of Bourbon

There really is no other spirit quite like bourbon. The richness and structure it has forged over years in specially crafted barrels nestled snugly in grand rickhouses, yields a drinking experience so unique it’s hard to put into words. One film documentarian sought to capture that experience and bring it to the masses. AJ Hochhalter, a native of Kentucky, musician, and now, aspiring film maker, along with his friend David M. Altrogge, released Neat: The Story of Bourbon. This movie is a passion project for AJ, someone who went from knowing a little about the brown liquid that his home state is so famous for, into a deep understanding of the ingredients, patience, and ultimately people behind the crafting of bourbon. AJ talks about his journey, and like many entrepreneurs, the pivots and necessary adjustments made in the process of bringing life to the film’s themes, so that the final product embodies the true story of bourbon – artistry, time, and fellowship.